Ziro Audio Cables

We now have Ziro Audio tonearm, interconnect and mains cables available for home demonstrations.  Find out for yourself why we think these are probably the finest cables that sensible money can buy.

Miyajima Magic


We have Miyajima Kotetu and Zero mono cartridges in stock, plus Takumi, Shilabe and Kansui stereo cartridges and Miyajima’s mono and stereo step-up transformers.   Find out why Miyajima products are so special for yourself by taking advantage of our no obligation home dem scheme.

Buying Miyajima Cartridges From Unauthorised Sellers

Potential Miyajima customers can  be forgiven for chasing what appear to be bargains, where certain eBay sellers in the Far East are selling 'new' Miyajima cartridges at an enticingly low price.  First point to note, the Shilabe cartridge currently being listed on...