Black Friday Deals?

No need for  Black Friday ‘Special’ deals here!

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Miyajima Magic

We have Miyajima mono cartridges and step up transformers in stock.  Find out why these and other Miyajima products are so special for yourself by taking advantage of our no obligation home dem scheme.

Black Friday?

Is Black Friday a huge confidence trick being played out on unsuspecting consumers around the world?  Well, not entirely of course, but many of the so-called 'bargains' out there are either items specially bought-in by retailers or not really any better value than you...

Reed 3P Tonearm Back on Dem at Ammonite Audio

We now have the Reed 3P tonearm on demonstration at Ammonite Audio. It is 12", with Cocobolo arm wand and cryo treated copper cabling. Here it is fitted to our venerable Kenwood KD-990 turntable, with a Miyajima Shilabe stereo cartridge up front. This is the same...