Jelco Headshells & Accessories Price Increase

by | Feb 20, 2019

Jelco have notified increased prices for headshells and accessories,  as detailed below.  Our existing stocks will remain at the old prices until sold out, and the new prices will the apply.  Jelco tonearm prices are unchanged.


HS-30   Rosewood/Magnesium Headshell   £140 (old price £120)
HS-25   Magnesium Headshell                     £60  (old price £49)

Headshell Wires:

SW-100  Silver Headshell Wires  £60  (old price £47)
SW-30    OFC Copper Headshell Wires  £30  (old price £19)

Stylus Force Gauge

SG-1  Stylus Force Gauge  £80 (old price £79)