Miyajima Home Loan Scheme

Choosing a cartridge is very difficult without having the opportunity to try it out, in your own system, before deciding whether to buy.  So, that’s why we offer a limited home loan scheme for a selection of Miyajima Artisan cartridges

  • Miyajima Shilabe Stereo
  • Miyajima Mono Zero B (0.7mil tip)
  • Miyajima ETR-STEREO Step Up Transformer

If you would like to arrange a home dem of one these remarkable cartridges or transformers, please use the contact links at the top of this page to get in touch.  We will need to verify who you are, and to fully confirm your address before agreeing to a home loan.

We also like to talk through aspects of your existing system and musical preferences.  There are good reasons for this – the Miyajima cartridges have a unique and patented internal construction that really does eliminate most of the distortion mechanisms in traditional moving coil cartridges.  That lack of distortion can be initially perceived as overly ‘smooth’ or ‘rolled off’, but that’s not really the case with Miyajima cartridges, and we like to guide your expectations.  They do have a traditional ‘analogue’ sound but they don’t miss anything out and they have a sort of musical lucidity that Ortofons etc can only dream of.  In terms of system matching, all the Miyajima cartridges are relatively low-compliance designs, which means anyone with lightweight arms should not consider any of the range.  The Miyajimas really start to sing with medium-high mass tonearm designs; and the Jelcos work well, particularly with a heavy headshell.  If you have an old FR64 or new Ikeda arm, then a Miyajima cartridge is a truly wonderful partner.

So, if that has not put you off, please e-mail or call to discuss arranging a home loan of one of the Miyajima products.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Our home loan scheme is for a period of one week from the date you receive the cartridge.  We will of course extend this if you ask nicely, as long as nobody else is waiting to hear the same cartridge.
  • The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the cartridge, complete with all of its packaging and accessories.  Royal Mail Special Delivery is the only post service that can be used for returning cartridges to us (it’s the only UK service that guarantees delivery).
  • The home loan scheme applies to the United Kingdom only.  Other countries have their own Miyajima distributors and dealers so please speak to them if you reside outside the UK.