Jelco have just announced a 10″ variant of their rather wonderful ‘knife edge bearing) TK-850 tonearm, to be called the TK-850M. It will be available from us in March and the price will be notified soon, but clearly it will sit somewhere between the TK-850S and TK-850L.

I always felt it was a bit odd that Jelco did not include a 10″ option with their new tonearms, since the old (and now defunct) SA-750E was definitely the ‘sweet spot’ of their previous offerings. I have no doubt that the TK-850M will be superb, and a great tonearm choice for turntables designed around the longstanding Japanese preference for arms of 10″ (ish) length. One of these will find its way onto my Kenwood KD-990!

Details and specs are on this Jelco newsletter: