On 6 July 2018 Miyajima announced a new variant of the entry-level Takumi stereo moving coil cartridge, which is is distinguished by a nude line contact stylus fitted in place of the regular Takumi’s bonded elliptical stylus.  All other parameters are the same, but the very much lower tip mass results in the Takumi L having a significantly extended HF response of 20Hz-32kHz instead of the regular Takumi’s 20Hz-20kHz.

So, the Takumi L offers a similar sound character to the Saboten L, eg a ‘modern’ sound that retains all the core virtues of Miyajima stereo cartridges, such as very low distortion and peerless musical expression, all at a reasonable price.

See more here: https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/product/miyajima-takumi-l-stereo-cartridge/