Ortofon SPU ‘From The Vault’ HiFi News Article

by | May 9, 2020

There’s a nice ‘From The Vault’ article in this month’s HiFi News magazine, originally written by Ken Kessler in Jan 1984 about the Ortofon SPU Gold moving coil cartridge. It’s well worth a read and the author describes how his initial antipathy and scepticism towards such an old-fashioned beast turned into respect and love. To read the whole article you’ll have to subscribe to HiFi News online or buy a paper copy.  The article sums up by saying ‘the SPU is tonic for the soul’.
And therein lies the magic of Ortofon SPUs, pretty much irrespective of SPU model and type. They don’t pretend to do the ‘HiFi’ thing; they don’t pretend to dig up the last nth of detail and then hurl it at you; they just play music in the most involving and beguiling manner. The sadly late Art Dudley wrote about the SPU Wood A ‘teasing poetry from mere sound’ and that’s so true. I’m still amazed that such a resolutely old-fashioned thing like the SPU Wood A can sound so sublime, but it does. So too does a lowly SPU#1S at a third of the price, although with a good deal less finesse. There are flavours of SPU to suit most tastes from £425 to a whisker under £4000 and you can read our thoughts on each type in this blog piece https://ammonite-audio.co.uk/sounds-and-flavours-of-ortofon-spu-stereo-cartridges/ .
We aim to have a good selection of Ortofon SPUs in stock at Ammonite Audio, and while we are a bit short at the moment, we hope (in spite of COVID-19) to have more in soon, including our own ‘picks of the range’ SPU Wood A and SPU Synergy models. We do have the rather lovely limited edition SPU Century in stock, though.