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Miyajima Magic

We have Miyajima mono cartridges and step up transformers in stock.  Find out why these and other Miyajima products are so special for yourself by taking advantage of our no obligation home dem scheme.

Sounds and Flavours of Ortofon SPU Stereo Cartridges

I often get asked “what do Ortofon SPU cartridges sound like”?  That’s quite a difficult one to answer because they all sound different in one way or another, but the easy answer to the question is that SPUs do generally have a big, bold, exuberant and musically...

Every Ortofon SPU Model in Stock at Ammonite Audio

We now have every Ortofon SPU variant in stock, and available for next day delivery.  That means the entry-level SPU#1 stereo cartridges, all the mono models, right up to the very limited edition SPU Century.  Order online at the link below or give us a call (contact...