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An old Japanese name but newly returned to the UK – This is the entry level ‘affordable’ Glanz B Series tonearm, available in 9″ and 10″ versions, to order.  Like all Glanz tonearms, constructed mainly from stainless steel parts with astonishing build quality,  and high effective mass (in the order of 30g, but Glanz do not quote a figure) to suit low compliance cartridges.  Shipped with a quality tonearm cable.  Headshell is not included (we recommend the Timestep ebony headshell).

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This is the entry level arm which gives a taste of the legendary Glanz sound but at an affordable price.  Available in a 9″ version for European and USA turntables and also in a 10″ version for the Japanese super-decks.

• The arm tube and vertical shaft parts (which greatly influence sound quality) are made from stainless steel.
• Along the main conduction tube we have reproduced a material close to stainless steel supplement, using brass with a tough chrome plating.
• The fulcrum is strongly supported with radial bearings.
• The anti-skate mechanism is insulated with ABS resin, and reduces reverberation distortion.


BalancingStatic Balancing
Total Length (*1)252mm290mm
Effective Length (*2) 229mm254mm
Practical Length (*3) 214mm239mm
Offset Angle23 °22 °
Adaptable cartridge weight
(incl headshell)
11~28g 11~29g
Total weight690g710g
Tracking weight range0.25g (Minimum scale) – over 6g (3g/360 °rotation)
Adjustable height (*4)41mm~
Headshell weightoption
Shaft dimensions to mounting base16mmΦ
Mounting hole size24mmΦ
Fixing depth sizeUp to 20mm (Another size is available)

(*1) : From counter weight shaft end headshell terminal.
(*2) : From centre of tonearm Base to stylus tip.
(*3) : From centre of tonearm Base to centre of turntable)
(*4) : From plinth surface to horizontal height of arm tube


Guided by the motto, “Simple is best”, we worked to create a structure that diminished vibrations as much as possible, in order to reduce the source of distorted sound.  The structure of the essential arm rest / arm lifter / anti skate mechanism has been made of soft plastic (ABS) so that unnecessary vibration can be reduced.  We have used hard stainless steel in the arm tube, as it is the part most dependent on sound quality. As a result, the sound quality rises well and finishes with a crisp sound.  If the fulcrum, which is essential for sound quality, is a weak structure, it will reverberate and directly impact the sound quality. In this machine, the four large bearings are firmly supported, preventing resonance and shake, and providing the ability to trace smoothly.

The points where each part joins another are designed to be in tight surface contact to avoid using adhesive as much as possible. In particular, the assembly of the bearings requires meticulous sensitivity.
We took a lot of trouble over the curvature of the arm, to ensure that it would not become a hard-to-control structure manipulating a straight rod. (Imagine how an extra twisting force is applied by the hand when you manipulate an L-shaped bar.) On top of that, we placed “vibration absorbing structures” in the most suitable place, thereby effectively damping the resonance.
For the weight section, we have used two different damper materials: 1- aluminium, and 2- plastic (ABS), constructed to absorb unnecessary vibration over a wide area, regardless of deterioration in the rise.

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