Jelco HS-30 Headshell


Jelco’s premium HS-30 headshell, with magnesium/rosewood body and pure silver litz headshell wires.  Adjustable for azimuth, easy to handle and with a great sound at a sensible price. We include a free Miyajima 3-point brass headshell washer worth £10 with each HS-30.

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Jelco HS-30 Headshell

Jelco’s premium HS-30 headshell, machined from magnesium alloy with a top layer of rosewood.  Like the HS-25, it has adjustable azimuth but the lead wires are Jelco’s SW-100 pure silver instead of OFC copper.  We were unjustly a bit sniffy about the HS-30, assuming that it’s just a pimped HS-25 but actually it turns out to be a very good performer – it really does sound much better than the HS-25 with a noticeably deeper and more ‘controlled’ sound.  In simple terms, it sounds nicely ‘analogue’ which we hope you can understand!   We put this all down to increased mass (16.9g) and the stiffening/damping provided by the rosewood layer.  So, highly recommended and it looks very smart too.  We include a free Miyajima 3-point brass headshell washer, worth £10 with every HS-30 headshell – use this in place of Jelco’s supplied rubber washer and the sound quality is lifted still further, and into quite serious audiophile territory.


  • Magnesium alloy body with rosewood veneer
  • Azimuth adjustable
  • Universal mount
  • Gold plated copper finger-lift
  • Twin locking pins
  • 4N pure silver lead wires with gold plated terminals
  • Gold plated pins
  • Weight:  16.9 grams without screws
  • Colour:  black / rosewood

1 review for Jelco HS-30 Headshell

  1. Steve

    The HS-30 is a very good partner for the Decca – the extra mass and rigidity really help. It’s also a good aesthetic match. Stereo imaging, projection and focus along with PRaT were instantly better with the new headshell. Tracking on HfN was 4/4 (previously 3/4) Always difficult to be sure about cause and effect as it just might be the setup was more optimal but I’m pretty sure it’s the HS-30. Anyone looking to run a Decca I can highly recommend the TK850s/HS-30 combo (the wooden pod for the Decca Supergold in the picture above is a custom Cocobola wood item – obviously not stock)

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