Jelco HS-30 Headshell


Jelco’s premium HS-30 headshell, with magnesium/rosewood body and pure silver litz headshell wires.  Adjustable for azimuth, easy to handle and with a great sound at a sensible price.

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Jelco HS-30 Headshell

Jelco’s premium HS-30 headshell, machined from magnesium alloy with a top layer of rosewood.  Like the HS-25, it has adjustable azimuth but the lead wires are Jelco’s SW-100 pure silver instead of OFC copper.  We were unjustly a bit sniffy about the HS-30, assuming that it’s just a pimped HS-25 but actually it turns out to be a very good performer – it really does sound much better than the HS-25.  We put this down to increased mass (16.9g) and the stiffening/damping provided by the rosewood layer.  So, highly recommended and it looks very smart too.


  • Magnesium alloy body with rosewood veneer
  • Azimuth adjustable
  • Universal mount
  • Gold plated copper finger-lift
  • Twin locking pins
  • 4N pure silver lead wires with gold plated terminals
  • Gold plated pins
  • Weight:  16.9 grams without screws
  • Colour:  black / rosewood