Ortofon ST-104 Plinth for Thorens TD-124 – Genuine 1960s Example


My own Ortofon ST-104 plinth for Thorens TD-124 decks. Lovely condition, completely consistent with its 50+ years age. The original and prettiest plinth of this type for the TD-124, with the lovely gold Ortofon script badge to mark it as an Ortofon product. I am open to offers so please call or e-mail to discuss price or to make an offer (contact details at the top of this page), or click the blue button below.



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This is my personal Ortofon ST-104 plinth. The ST-104 is possibly the most stylish plinth for the TD-124 and it has been much copied over the years. This is a genuine 1960s example, made from pieces of beech wood, and finished in a lustrous but delightfully aged black lacquer, it looks and feels lovely. The gold Ortofon script badge sets it off perfectly.

It shows some very minor marks (see the pictures) but it is structurally perfect and the few marks are consistent with its age and very much ‘patina’. Genuine ST-104 plinths come up very rarely, so this is not a cheap plinth option, but without doubt the most authentic and best looking!

Additional information

Effective Length

9.5", 10.5", 12"


Seashell White (Plain Silver), Black, Palladium Satin, Rhodium Satin


Finewire C37 standard 100 cm, Finewire C37+Cryo,100 cm, Eichmann Bullet Plugs, Finewire C37+Cryo,125 cm, Eichmann Bullet Plugs, Finewire C37+Cryo Ag-4N,100 cm, Eichmann Bullet Plugs Ag, Finewire C37+Cryo Ag-4N,125 cm, Eichmann Bullet Plugs Ag, Finewire C37+Cryo, 100 cm, WBT Nextgen, Finewire C37+Cryo, 125 cm, WBT Nextgen, Finewire C37+Cryo Ag-4N, 100 cm,WBT Nextgen Ag, Finewire C37+Cryo Ag-4N, 125 cm, WBT Nextgen Ag

Arm Wand

Wenge, Macassar Ebony, Cocobolo, Pernambucco (Brazilwood)