Oyaide HSR-AG Silver Headshell Leads


Oyaide’s HSR-AG, set of 4 pure 5N silver headshell leads, with silk insulation.  These do sound very good indeed and are perfect for pimping any good quality headshell, particularly the Oyaide HS-TF headshell that we use ourselves and are very happy to recommend.

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These Oyaide HSR-AG 0.2mm 5N pure silver headshell wires are manufactured by advanced manufacturing processes such as continuous casting process in a high-frequency electric furnace, then cold rolling, annealing and drawing processes. Each lead consists of seven conductors designed to give the optimum cross-sectional area and to minimize its conductor resistance.   Double layered silk covering insulator enhances clean signal transmission without static electrical charge. The rhodium plated lead tip is made of phosphor bronze and gives a nice secure grip with the cartridge contact pins.



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