Phasemation PP-300 Stereo Moving Coil Cartridge


Phasemation’s entry level PP-300 stereo moving coil cartridge.  Cultured, refined and above all musical sound with low surface noise, at a reasonable price.  We have a demonstration example – please ask to arrange a home loan.  Available to order.

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Phasemation PP-300 Stereo Moving Coil Cartridge

Who Are Phasemation?

Phasemation may be a new name in the UK, but is actually an old and well established Japanese audio maker which has been around since 1970, originally called Kyodo Denshi System and initially an test instrumentation manufacturer. Fast forward to the 1990s and the company became an OEM manufacturer of MC step-up transformers and D/A converters for internationally well-known audio brands.
In 2002, the company started its own high-end audio brand, then called Phase Tech, and in the next few years they produced their first MC Phono Cartridge, the P-1, followed quickly by the Phase Tech T-1 MC step-up transformer. In the following year, Phase Tech produced a CD transport and EA-1 tube phono equaliser. The first MC phono cartridge, Phase Tech P-3 was released in 2005 and updated and improved in 2007 as the P-3G.

In late 2010, Phase Tech became Phasemation. The following year, the Phasemation PP-1000 cartridge was released, being essentially an update of the original P-1 but with a signifivantly re-designed magnetic circuit. In 2012 the PP-300 cartridge was released, as an entry-level product but still based on the PP-1000. In 2015, the ‘flagship’ PP-2000 cartridge appeared, building on the PP-1000 but with a different magnetic yoke and circuit. The following year the PP-500 cartridge was released, and this model is a ‘trickle down’ design based very much on the PP-2000.

Phasemation have produced many more high-end audio products over the years which can be seen at but here at Ammonite Audio we are mostly interested in the moving coil cartridges and step-up transformers, which offer a really good balance of fine musical performance and value, particularly when seen against much of the high-end alternatives on offer by other companies.

Phasemation PP-300 Stereo Moving Coil Cartridge

The PP-300 is the entry point to Phasemation’s range of high end pickup cartridges.  It may be Phasemation’s lowest priced cartridge, but it can and does compete with much pricer cartridges, and is a truly high end product in all but price.  Like all Phasemation cartridges it marries exquisite build quality with a delicate, yet muscular and above all musical sound, with notably low surface noise (a refreshing trait, in our view).  For anyone who has become a little weary of high end moving coil cartridges that feel like they have an artificially ‘etched’ and harsh sound character, Phasemation offer a range of modern sounding cartridges that always remain delicate and sweet sounding, without being overly ‘warm’.

Phasemation cartridges work with most modern arms having medium to high effective mass.   Phasemation give their compliance figures expressed at 100Hz (as do most Japanese makers), but according to our measurements the compliance at 10Hz is 14.10^-6cm/dyne, which makes them pretty much medium compliance cartridges. All Phasemation cartridges work very well with Jelco TK-850 or Jelco TK-950 tonearms, but really come to life in the heavier Timestep tonearms.  Phasemation cartridges have a healthy output of 0.3mV making them easy to match with most MC phonostages and moving coil step-up transformers.  Phasemation’s T-300 transformer is ideal, and reasonably priced.

Main Features

  • The PP-300 magnetic circuit is derived from the Phasemation PP-1000, with a samarium-cobalt magnet
  • The cantilever made of pure boron and the coils are wound on a pure iron bobbin with 6N oxygen-free copper wire
  • Like all Phasemation cartridges, the body is precisely machined from duralumin with a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon)* coating, which increases structural rigidity and gives beneficial vibration-damping characteristics.  *Diamond Like Carbon is a generic name for a very hard carbon film to be produced by vapour phase deposition.

Product Specifications

Magneto Method:  Moving Coil
Coil Impedance: 4 ohm
Recommended Stylus Pressure: 1.7g to 2.0 g
Output Voltage:  0.28 mV or more(1 kHz, 50 mm/s, Horizontal direction)
Compliance:  8.10(e-6)cm/dyne @100 Hz, 14.10(e-6)cm/dyne @10Hz
Playable Frequency Range: 10Hz to 30kHz
Separation: 30 dB or more (1 kHz)
Channel Balance: 1 dB or less (1 kHz)
Mass of Body: 11.1 g
Stylus Tip:  Nude diamond, line contact, curvature: 0.03 x 0.003 mm


Stereo SoundBEST BUY COMPONENTS 2012-13 Phono Cartridge 1st Prize
Stereo SoundBEST BUY COMPONENTS 2013-14 Phono Cartridge 3rd Prize
Ongen PublisingAudio Excellence Award 2012 Bronze Prize
Ongen Publisinganalog Grand Prix 2013 Gold Award
Seibundo-shinkosha2012 MJ Technology of the Year Analog Components Award


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