Timestep Tonearm


Timestep’s new ‘banana’ shaped tonearms, available in 9″, 10″ and 12″ effective lengths, all with pure silver wiring and titanium armtubes.   All models are priced the same at £1450, plus mounts from £49.95.  Headshell/external cabling are not included, nor is the Ortofon SPU cartridge pictured. Available to order, with delivery usually within 7 days.  Free UK Shipping

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Timestep Tonearm

Here we have Timestep’s new ‘banana’ shaped T-609, T-610 and T-612 tonearms, which have effective lengths of 9″, 10″ and 12″ respectively.  Built to Timestep’s unique specifications by an OEM manufacturer in Western Europe, the result is a tonearm of high effective mass that is easy to handle and use, is suitable for use with a broad range of cartridges, and which sounds sublime.  Paired with a good quality high mass headshell (not included in the base price) the Timestep arms work beautifully with very low compliance Miyajima stereo and mono cartridges.

Design fashion in moving coil cartridges has changed over the years and now the very best (in our opinion) are pretty much all low compliance designs, and such cartridges including  Koetsu, Transfiguration, Miyajima and many others require a high mass arm.  Very often these things will simply not come ‘on song’ with lighter arms such as the venerable SME designs and the result can be disappointing – not so with the Timestep arms which will truly liberate these great cartridges to deliver deep, musical and expressive sounds.  This new Timestep arm was developed a couple of years ago using modern technology, washed ceramic bearings, silver wire, titanium armtube, full PTFE & gold base connector, the list goes on. The Timestep arm is not a 35 year old design, it is a new and cutting edge design.


• Low resonance
• High mass
• Titanium armtube
• Stainless steel bearing block
• Frictionless magnetic anti-skating
• High precision, washed hybrid ceramic ABEC 7 horizontal and vertical bearings
• SME type detachable headshell collett
• Silver wire
• PTFE and gold tonearm connector
• SME and Linn/Jelco armbase option
• Many headshell options
• 9″, 10″ and 12″ versions compatible with all SME and Japanese/Linn pivot to spindle alignment

Dimensions and Specifications

• T-609 The 9″ version can be used in many applications and we prefer it to both the SME 309 and SME V. This version is eminently suitable for new SME, Avid and Michell turntables and to upgrade many others.
Effective mass 26g Pivot to spindle 214mm

• T-610 The 10″ version fits many classic Japanese turntables and outperforms the discontinued SME 310.
Effective mass 28g Pivot to spindle 240mm

• T-612 The 12″ transcription version is recommended for the Garrard 301, 401, TD124, L75 and many others. We think it’s better than the SME 312S and the SME V12
Effective mass 29g Pivot to spindle 290mm


The Audio Beat – read Roy Gregory’s September 2018 Review of the 12″ Timestep T-612 tonearm here

Additional information

Effective Length

9", 10", 12"


None, Jelco/Linn Type Collar, SME Style Sliding Base


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