Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Pods


The most effective and most stable isolation supports that you can buy for audio gear.  Sold individually, to order.  Please select the appropriate load range from the drop down list below.  Note: Load is for EACH POD.  Free UK Shipping.



If your audio equipment is not adequately isolated from external vibrations, it will not be working to the standard that its designers intended.  Vibration comes from a variety of sources and you can read what Max Townshend says about the issue here –  The Importance of Vibration Isolation

The Seismic Isolation Pods offer a straightforward and sensibly priced way of isolating individual pieces of equipment.  Positioned under any piece of equipment, four Seismic Isolation Pods will dramatically improve the sound by breaking the acoustic connection between the audio system and structural vibrations in the room.

The Seismic Isolation Pod is a Seismic Load Cell™ with a circular foot attached to the lower end cap for stability. The length may be adjusted by turning the top end cap, which allows easy levelling of audio equipment placed on a set of four Pods. There is a soft felt protective piece on the top and bottom faces of the end caps to allow for easy positioning and to prevent scratching.

The singular Seismic Isolation Pod is available with seven different weight capacities, ranging progressively from 1kg up to 64kg. Depending on the weight of the device they can be used in sets of four, eight or more to isolate any piece of equipment, of any weight from any vibration.

For asymmetric components such as a valve (tube) amplifier with the transformers at the rear, different load capability Seismic Load Cells™ can be used to balance the load.

Spring Min weight Max weight Colour Code:

AA             1kg (2lb) 2kg (4lb) Red
A               2kg (4lb) 4kg (9lb) Orange
B               4kg (9lb) 8kg (17lB) Yellow
C               8kg (17lb) 16kg (35lb) Green
D              16kg (35lb) 32kg (70lb) Blue
E              32kg (70lb) 64kg (140lb) Silver

Please refer to this diagram to choose the best load rating for each Pod

Townshend Seismic Pod load rating guide

The maximum load when using four E springs is 256kg (560lb). For loads above this, eight or more load cells may be required.

For out of balance loads where the centre of gravity of the component is not near the geometrical centre of the component, each support foot is screw adjustable in length to allow for this. If the degree of out of balance is too large, then it is suggested to use unequal springs.

For example, a with valve amplifier with the transformers at the rear, then use two “B” springs at the front and two “C” springs at the rear.

The simplest implementation is to utilise the Seismic Pods in sets of four. It is possible to utilise three pods, but this arrangement is difficult to level satisfactorily and the effect of the weight of the cabling may also complicate matters.

It is advisable to dress the cables such that they do not act as a mechanical short circuit negating the effect of the Seismic Isolation. Common sense and a little experimentation is advised. Try to avoid very heavy and stiff cables.

If it is difficult to position the individual Pods, it is advised to employ the Seismic Sink Platform. The advantage here is that the equipment may be re-positioned without upsetting the level. Also, for very heavy equipment, it is very difficult to position the Pods whilst holding up the equipment single handed.

Additional information

Load Range Each Pod

1kg – 2kg, 2kg – 4kg, 4kg – 8kg, 8kg – 16kg, 16kg – 32kg, 32kg – 64kg


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