Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Platform


Sold individually, to order.  Free UK Shipping.  Please select the appropriate platform size and load range from the drop down list below.  Note: Load is for EACH POD, so multiply by four to give the maximum load rating for the platform.



If your audio equipment is not adequately isolated from external vibrations, it will not be working to the standard that its designers intended.  Vibration comes from a variety of sources and you can read what Max Townshend says about the issue here –  The Importance of Vibration Isolation

What Townshend Say:

Especially designed to isolate individual components such as CD players, turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, power amplifiers and streamers from vibration.
The Seismic Isolation Platform includes a durable slim steel top plate that integrates unobtrusively under any hi-fi component. The acoustically dead constrained-layer damped plate combined with a Seismic Load Cell™ attached to each corner is the ultimate combination to absorb and isolate unwanted vibration, including structural, air-borne and that generated by the hi-fi equipment.

The Platform can be levelled by turning the adjustable Seismic Load Cell™.
For asymmetric components such as a valve (tube) amplifier with the transformers at the rear, different load capability Seismic Load Cells™ can be used to balance the load.

What We Say:

These things do work, as do the individual Seismic Pods, and very particularly for equipment most susceptible to micro vibrations such a turntables, CD players, but also sensitive electronics like valve amplifiers.  we use one of these platforms under our dem turntable, which is placed on a completely ordinary, non-audiophile wall shelf.  Wall shelves are great for houses with suspended floors, but the downside is that structure-borne vibration, coming from all sorts of internal and external sources, does have a destructive influence on the music.  Taking the example of a turntable, the pickup is a very sensitive transducer that will very easily pick up footsteps and traffic outside the house, and anything going on in it like washing machines etc.  If you take away the influence of those sources of vibration, a magical transformation in musical replay takes effect – it’s unmistakable and very satisfying.

What else does it do?  Well, the springs do isolate the equipment very effectively from vibrations travelling up from the house’s structure, but the platform itself is designed to provide an attractive ‘ground’ for vibrations originating from within the equipment.  It does that because the platform, although slim and relatively unobtrusive, is heavy and damped very intelligently.  If you use sensibly designed hard coupling (eg Delrin cones, oak cones etc) between the equipment and the Seismic Platform, then energy will be drained into the platform where it dissipates in a harmless manner.

It does look expensive, but our experience is that you are better off using ordinary shelving systems that you can get from Wickes etc, in conjunction with Seismic Platforms, than buying bespoke audiophile support systems that actually do nothing to stop structure-borne vibration.  So, these things can actually be better value than you might at first think.  There is nothing remotely ‘foo’ about these products – they work according to the laws of physics, but intelligently designed to be completely stable and easy to place and use.

They Work!
The Seismic Isolation Platform is available in three standard sizes:

• Size 1 43x30cm (17×12”)
• Size 2 48x35cm (19×14”)
• Size 3 52x40cm (20.5×16”)
Platform working height is approximately 40mm (1.5”)

It is important to specify the weight of your equipment when ordering. Bespoke platforms are available for any size or weight of audio equipment.

Spring Min weight Max weight Colour Code:

AA             1kg (2lb) 2kg (4lb) Red
A               2kg (4lb) 4kg (9lb) Orange
B               4kg (9lb) 8kg (17lB) Yellow
C               8kg (17lb) 16kg (35lb) Green
D              16kg (35lb) 32kg (70lb) Blue
E              32kg (70lb) 64kg (140lb) Silver


Additional information

Platform Size

Size 1 43x30cm, Size 2 48x35cm, Size 3 52x40cm

Load Range Each Pod

1kg – 2kg, 2kg – 4kg, 4kg – 8kg, 8kg – 16kg, 16kg – 32kg, 32kg – 64kg


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