Tron Convergence Signature Moving Magnet Phono Amplifier


Our own Tron Convergence Signature MM phono amp, bought by us for personal use from Graham Tricker in Feb 2019.  The Signature version of this retails for £1300, so ours is offered at a great price.

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Tron Convergence Signature Phono Amplifier

The Convergence is the latest new phono stage from Tron. Designed to offer exceptional performance for a very modest price and this one is for MM  cartridges (not moving coil). The Convergence offers the same unique design and build quality as Tron’s top of the range electronics.

Here are some design features:

Passive RIAA
Very short signal path
Choke regulated power supply
Valve/Tube complement: 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7/5814
Separate filament supplies
High quality film capacitors
Precision matched RIAA capacitors
Ceramic valve/tube bases
High quality custom MC transformers
High quality gold RCA connectors
CNC machined chassis
Hand assembled in England
All parts supplied by English companies

Input:- 1 x RCA (L & R)
Input Impedance:- MM 47K (48dB gain), MC 470R (68dB gain)
Optional “high gain”:- MC 117R (74dB gain)
Input Sensitivity:- MM – 2 volts RMS for 5mV input. MC – 2 volts RMS for 0.5mV input
Output: Connections:- 1 x RCA (L & R)
Output Impedance:- 600 ohms
Frequency Response:- 20Hz – 20KHz (+/- 1dB)
Power Consumption:- (115v & 230v) – 17watts
Size:- (L x W x H inc feet) 335mm x 170mm x 108mm
Weight:- 3.15kgs
The output stage has a low impedance high current output, which enables it to be used with any pre-amp or main amplifier, whether valve or transistor, or even a transformer type volume control (TVC).

This Convergence Phono is the Signature version. The “Signature” version has selected components fitted, plus a few other improvements incorporated that Graham Tricker found to improve the audio fidelity even further.