VertexAQ Ultar Balanced Headphone Conditioner


VertexAQ’s balanced, passive Ultar headphone conditioner, also available for home demonstrations without obligation. Ever wondered how your existing headphone rig might sound if you strip away the destructive acoustic and EMI interference that plagues all audio equipment to some extent? Open your ears and eyes to a quite astonishing improvement in resolution, timbre, imaging, clarity …. Available in Silver or smart Gunmetal finish. Please note that the Ultar is built to order (delivery is usually within 2 weeks)



We have this product available for home demonstrations – please ask for details

What VertexAQ Say

The Ultar headphone conditioners are passive devices that are packed full of the anti-RFI and anti-microphony technology that is the core of all the Vertex AQ lines, only here it’s specifically tailored for high-end headphone use.

There are two models in the lineup and here we have the balanced Ultar offers which considerably more performance over the Single Ended version and is designed specifically for high-end balanced headphone setups, although it does offer connection for single-ended headphones too. Both models are wired with solid-core silver and contain Vertex AQ’s enhanced acoustic absorption labyrinth, as well as all our RFI and EMI absorption techniques. Since the Balanced Ultar has twice the amount of acoustic and EMI absorption compared to the Single Ended version, it will sound even better than the Single Ended version even if you don’t use balance headphones

The boxes are a breeze to use – simply use an extra jack lead, or XLR leads, and feed the audio from your headphone amp into the Ultar conditioner, and connect your ‘phones into the appropriate output socket of the Ultar. Yes, the box just sits in-line with your feed from your amp. Performance improvements are substantial – the smaller single0ended only model brings a more solid performance, greater bandwidth, better timing plus improved space and detail. The Balanced Ultar drops the noise floor and distortion even further, bringing about additional gains in purity and transparency.

What does it do and how do you use it?

The Ultar balanced headphone conditioner is designed with high-end headphones in mind. And whilst focussed on balanced operation, it is also configured with an additional single-ended ‘path’. The main difference over our single-ended only conditioner though is that this product contains two totally separate large acoustic labyrinths, one for the left channel and one for the right channel. This doubles the overall amount of acoustic drainage on the feed to your headphones, and with each channel drained separately, offers even more channel separation and image spaciousness.

All wiring is solid-core silver with unbleached cotton insulation and both of the acoustic modules are constructed with our most advanced acoustic labyrinths. The modules also contain all of our latest EMI and RFI absorption techniques. In addition, the internal wiring is sleeved with our proprietary EMI absorbent tubing.

Simply use an extra headphone lead, or for additional performance use matching Vertex AQ balanced lead or jack lead (sold separately) and feed your audio from your headphone amp into one socket and connect your ‘phones into the other socket. The unit just sits in-line with your feed from your amp. And remember, the unit is completely passive, there is no electrical filtering or alteration of the musical signal at all – the wiring travels unbroken from the input sockets to the output sockets through the acoustic modules. The only effect the unit is having is lowering vibration and RFI travelling between your headphone amp and the headphones!

We Say

The effect of the Ultar on our own headphone systems, consisting of Beyerdynamic A2 amplifier and Denon AH-D7000 headphones, is not subtle, but profound. Imagine hearing clearly for the first time sound textures, instrument body resonances, acoustic cues from the recording venue, together with a greater depth of sound and sweeter top end – all of which come together to make more compelling music that you just want to hear. This is quite challenging stuff to take on board, but VertexAQ’s technology is not built on Fairy Dust, Foo or mystic crystals etc, it is proven technology that originated in the defence aerospace world. The materials used to absorb physical and EMI/RFI interference are expensive, and the products take some time to build up, so that’s why they are not cheap. But, for someone prepared to approach VertexAQ products with an open mind, the costs might just turn out to be the best value system upgrade ever. Do you know how good your existing gear can sound, if freed from the destructive effects of acoustic and RFI/EMI interference? My advice is to give it a go – you will almost certainly be quite surprised that you don’t need that big-ticket hardware upgrade after all, when your existing gear can be made to sound so good.

We offer the Ultar Balanced Headphone Conditioner for home trials – please ask to arrange a loan


Physical Data:

Dimensions 185mm x 132mm x 120mm (LxWxH)
Weight 4Kgs
4 x rubber feet beneath

Additional information

Case Finish

Silver, Gunmetal

Input Jack Lead

No Jack Lead, Jack Lead Standard 0.3m, Jack Lead Standard 0.6m, Jack Lead Standard 1.0m, Jack Lead EMI Enhanced 0.3m, Jack Lead EMI Enhanced 0.6m, Jack Lead EMI Enhanced 1.0m, Jack Lead XLR Balanced Pair 0.3m, Jack Lead XLR Balanced Pair 0.6m, Jack Lead XLR Balanced Pair 1.0m, Jack Lead Balanced Pair XLR EMI Enhanced 0.3m, Jack Lead Balanced Pair XLR EMI Enhanced 0.6m, Jack Lead Balanced Pair XLR EMI Enhanced 1.0m


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