Ziro Audio Disclosure SILVER Power Cable


Available for home demonstrations.  This is Ziro’s top silver wired power cable, 1.25m standard length but built to order so you can have whatever length suits your needs (each additional 0.5m costs £160).   Need Schuko, US, Australia etc connectors?  No problem – just ask.  This cable could be the best system investment that you’ll ever make – your existing system might be all that you ever want, with a Ziro helping hand.



Ziro Audio Disclosure Power Cables

Decent power to your system is the first step to maximising musical pleasure. The ability to efficiently supply power transmission from your wall socket to your Audio Gear is paramount. Ziro’s technology in the cable draws physical and RFI noise from the equipment it is plugged in to.  This liberates musical dynamics and dynamic contrasts, transparency, resolution and a more believable layered sound stage.

Amplifiers and source components place different loads on the power supply with amplifiers in particular requiring the ability to create large current swings to power soaring dynamics, whilst source components require the best possible constant power with low noise, so all Ziro cables are properly designed to meet those needs while complying fully with all relevant electrical safety requirements.

The Disclosure SILVER power cable combines Ziro’s own in house noise and RFI absorption technology with 3 x 2.08mm pure Silver twisted conductors, terminated with gold plated Furutech connectors.  The outer braid is smart and distinctive, and the cable itself is light and flexible, so very easy to handle and to place.

As standard the Power cable is 1.25 metres long. If you need different lengths or specialist connectors, then speak to us about your requirements.  Everything is possible, but please note that due to the large range of Furutech Connectors available, some connectors may need to be specially ordered in from Japan and a longer build time may result. Disclosure SILVER power cables are supplied in the UK as standard with Furutech  FI-1363(G) gold plated mains plugs and FI-11-N1(G) gold IEC connectors.  We often get asked why we don’t specify more expensive connectors as standard – the reason is that these Furutech gold plated products offer the very best balance of physical quality, performance and cost.

What We Say

Wouldn’t it be nice if mains cables did not make a difference to the performance of an audio system?  Some die-hard objectivists will shout from the rooftops that cables cannot possibly matter – they are of course entitled to their opinions but our experience is that an intelligently designed mains cable can bring about a fundamental improvement in all aspects of musical reproduction.  Yes, that means more enjoyable music, which after all should be the main aim of an audio enthusiast.  Ziro mains cables deliver on that promise not by ‘adding’ anything to the sound, but rather not standing in the way of the music, while actually drawing destructive vibration and RFI energy both from the incoming mains and from the equipment they’re plugged into.  Often, otherwise well-designed equipment is not performing to its best possible level because of destructive vibration and RFI carried by the mains.  Lifting the burden of such interference allows a system to breathe cleanly and deeply, and you can hear the effect.  In simple terms, a Disclosure SILVER power cable typically opens up the soundstage so that you can hear and sense the acoustic space in which the recording was made.  Instruments take on definition and body resonances become clearer and believable.  It’s a bit like removing the end wall of your listening room and feeling the sense of ‘space’ that results.  Magical stuff.

Individual results will of course vary,  but we have such confidence in the products that we offer Ziro cables for home demonstrations.  So, if we’ve piqued your interest, get in touch to arrange a home dem and we are confident that over a week you’ll find you’re enjoying the music so much more with the Ziro cable in place.  The Disclosure SILVER power cable is certainly not cheap, but we are confident that it will better most of the (much) more expensive alternatives and that’s why we have the confidence to offer no obligation home demonstrations.  A Disclosure SILVER power cable might just be much better value than upgrading equipment.


See Ziro Audio’s website for reviews – http://www.ziroaudio.com/reviews/
HiFi Pig – http://hifipig.com/ziro-audio-disclosure-power-cord/ 

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Cable Length

1.25m, 1.5m, 1.75m, 2.0m


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