Ziro Audio Disclosure SILVER RCA Interconnect Cable 1.5m


A fabulous sounding, pure silver RCA interconnect cable from British newcomer Ziro Audio.  Like all Ziro cables this one’s character is defined by an astonishingly open, detailed and organic sound – these are easily the best cables that we have ever heard, irrespective of price.  Standard length is 1.5m but anything can be made to order – just ask.  All Ziro cables are made to order and usually delivered within one week (plus burn-in if you wish us to run the cables in for you).

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We are pleased to welcome Ziro Audio to our very carefully chosen stable of cables and accessories.  We maintain a selection of Ziro Audio cables, available for home demonstrations subject to our normal verification processes.  Why should you be expected to buy a cable without first trying it out in your system for a week or so?  Well, you don’t have to!

What Ziro Say

With over 4 years of continuous development, and testing, the Ziro Audio Disclosure cable is the pinnacle of our cable range.  Built using the finest quality materials, we are confident that this is one of the best audio cables available regardless of price.  A cable that will truly bring your System to life, providing the ultimate listening experience.

You will experience greater bass definition, a dynamic midrange into a silky and grit free treble, which is lightning fast, and above all else natural.

Supplied, starting at 1.5 metres rather than the usual 1 metre, whether you use RCA or XLR connectors, the extra half metre allows an easier unstrained connection.

To create the Disclosure cable required sourcing high quality Silver to our own specifications; the anodised high grade aluminium enclosure was designed to be both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to the touch whilst carrying out its function within the cable itself.

The Disclosure cable as standard uses Via-Blue RCA and Furutech XLR plugs – other brands such as WBT or Furutech can be sourced and fitted if required.   Please ask your Ziro Audio dealer for information on this service.

What We Say

It would be lovely if cables did not make any difference to musical reproduction, but sadly they do; however cost is not necessarily a reliable indicator of improved musical reproduction nor overall sound quality.  Adam Fairless at Ziro has managed to create a range of cables that share a notable knack of simply getting out of the way of the signal and the music.  Take a visual analogy – imagine you are standing (or sitting if you prefer) in a room, looking at a nice view through a crystal clear, squeaky clean window.  Then imagine that window being taken away altogether, giving you a much greater sense of the space, and of the sounds outside.  That’s what the Ziro Disclosure cables do for sound, giving a fantastically open feeling to the sound, and with great portrayal of acoustic spaces.  I tend to listen to classical music and my idea of musical heaven would probably be Beethoven String Quartets and piano sonatas – the Disclosure cables really help to place musicians and instruments in their proper context, giving much greater meaning to the  performance.  These cables can be summarised as facilitating a fantastically open, dynamic, detailed and organic sound – what more could you wish for?

The Disclosure SILVER RCA interconnect cable is, like all Ziro cables, smartly constructed and the conductors are light and flexible, so even though the alloy in-line boxes are quite heavy, these are easy to place and there is no wrestling with stiff cables.  The Via-Blue RCA connectors are lovely to use, fitting securely on any RCA socket while being slim enough not to foul equipment where the sockets are recessed (a very common problem with other bulkier RCA plugs such as KLEi).

We have found that the Ziro Disclosure SILVER RCA interconnect cable does need to be run-in (or burnt-in if you prefer) for at least 5 days. That’s due partly to the resin within the in-line enclosure taking that long to fully cure, but the conductors themselves also require running in before the cable reaches its full potential.  The good news for our customers is that we can run-in any Ziro cable for free before sending it out, so if you buy a Ziro cable from us, you’ll receive something that will perform well straight out of the box, and you won’t be disappointed.  Burn-in adds 5 days to the overall order to delivery time.


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