Reed 3P Tonearm Back on Dem at Ammonite Audio

by | Oct 5, 2019

We now have the Reed 3P tonearm on demonstration at Ammonite Audio. It is 12″, with Cocobolo arm wand and cryo treated copper cabling. Here it is fitted to our venerable Kenwood KD-990 turntable, with a Miyajima Shilabe stereo cartridge up front.

This is the same specification as our last demonstrator tonearm and we’d almost forgotten just how lovely the Reed 3P sounds. The wood arm wand does lend a certain colouration to the sound, but it’s exactly the sort of harmonic colouration that anyone in their right mind would actually want. It is a serenely musical tonearm and a beautiful partner for the Miyajima Shilabe, which likes an arm of 20g effective mass or more. We’ll fit a Miyajima Saboten L later, which should be fun. If the beauty of its sound was not enough, it’s a great thing to use and handle, with on-the-fly adjustment of both VTA and azimuth – setting up a cartridge really is a matter of moments with the Reed 3P.

Reed 3P prices start at £3450 depending on arm length and a host of options for wood types, finish and wiring. They are built to order, and usually take around 6 weeks to be delivered.